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Most mods seem to be add-on quests or items that are unrelated to Morrowind itself and serve to entertain for a week or two until such time that we tire of them and place them aside.

We have attempted to eliminate this problem in our mod by modifying the feel of the gameplay itself. As such, episode one of this mod is meant to be plugged in left plugged in.

Included below are some gameplay tips to get your best experience out of this mod and some user comments that also offer helpful suggestions and insight.

We ask that you please read these tips and comments to better your game experience with this mod.

Gameplay Tips:

  • Do not try to "play out" this mod. This is NOT a Fast Action pop-corn mod. It's all about AMBIANCE.
  • Put it on, forget about it, and enjoy what it offers when it offers it. All is planned, all is calculated for enjoyment, so rushing things is a sure way not to be entertained.
  • DO NOT ABUSE THE REST COMMAND: When you are cursed there is a penalty getting worse as each day passes and there is no return in Episode 1. A cure doesn't exist in this version.
  • Morrowind isn't a very very stable game. It is ok on its own, but the more you add mods, the worst will be the stability. And the ww mod pushes it to its limits in terms of capacities, that's why it could crash more often. It's not a matter of bugs (because bugs always do the same result for the same action) but of chaotic environment. To crash less often, try to make the game as light as you can, just use the minimum mods and DON'T OVERCLOCK YOUR COMPUTER. I don't say that because it's "bad", but because MW is one of those programs extremely sensitive to this kind of things for some strange reason. I can tell you that out of experience. And Win2k/XP stability is far far better than Win98's one.
  • PLEASE READ THE MANUAL, and in case of problem, CHECK THE FORUMS

Player Comments:

Stickman - I was very impressed with this MOD. I've seen a lot of MODs where you go in, test it out, play with it, and then never use it again except maybe to look at the code. It took me from 2am-8:30am for me to realize exactly how this MOD is meant to be played. Keep in mind this conclusion came from playing a werewolf MOD from 2am to 8:30am. :)
What I saw:
The mod is meant to be played as an addition to the life of your Nerevarine character. It's a fairly rare event that you turn into a werewolf (about 2-3 nights every 20-25 days ... or something) so you can go about your daily business--just don't forget about your little dark secret.
Also, I was very pleased with the balancing. I doubt I could have come up with something so clever. In an effort to play as a werewolf as much as possible I went into a coma for two weeks to get to the full moon. Once the night was up and I changed back, I immediately slept until nightfall once more to play as a werewolf. ... What? My stats SUCK all the sudden!
What a beautiful balance idea! :D There seems to be a real-time(ish) timer that drains your stats and makes it basically worthless to sleep until your next werewolf episode. IE: You have to play the game as both the werewolf and human sides of your character. You're given incentive.
This is a really really good mod! I feel like I can leave this thing ON all the time and it'll ADD to the gameplay instead of just being a little fun thing to play with! It's beautiful! It's amazing! I've never seen anything like it! This is a REAL MOD. I like it. I am deeply impressed. I hope I got my point across. This is really really good.

Ash - My original idea was to simply stick the mod into the game (long ago completed), 'get furry' right off the bat, party along, and then inevitably get bored and move on. The McAsmod's approach is very interesting, and I'm actually restarting a new game to see how the new 'story' twists. A mod that actually links with the plot instead of being a separate entity (as Tribunal essentially was)

jonnolicious - I have to say, when i first heard of a WW Mod i figured it would be a guy with a black mesh and that was it. but as i followed the progress of this Mod indeed it IS werewolves. For a while i was really afraid that this mod wouldn't be as good as it sounded and i would be really disappointed when it finally came out. this is without question THE BEST mod i have ever seen or played! And being as its not a quick "ooh that's neat" deal, i keeps me interested and ever waiting for Episode 2. This time though i will be kept busy with ep 1 long enough though! keep up the amazing work! i think when this mod is fully completed it could offer more than Tribunal did (i don't know about bloodmoon yet).

Keemo - It seems like most of us expected to hop in and become a WW ASAP heheh...I think it's partly hype and excitement that makes us want to see everything NOW! But many of us now see the true purpose of this mod and it's VERY well implemented and well balanced. To me this is the first mod that truly changes the gameplay of Morrowind into something different I'll be playing Morrowind like a whole new game over the next few weeks all because of this's that great!....Thanks Werewolves team!

Dark Fantasy - Although I have only been here a few weeks, the McAsmod team continues to impress me. When I heard about the mod from Morrowind Summit, i came over, seemingly interested, and came out, but went back in. Something like this could not go unattended so easily. With the Werewolves mod out, i continue to still be impressed by the three following reasons: Balance: I don't know how to explain this, due to the fact I discovered RPG's at a young age with my first D&D game, Baldur's Gate. I contiuned to the rest of D&D games, exploring realms from the very mind itself. Werewolves were always my favorite supernatural creature. In fact, my First good druid was a shape shifter. The balance (in my opinion) was right on the dot. Uniqueness: I'm surprised this was never thought of a lot. Most Morrowind mods adds on a pinch of fun. I was slightly happy with the PMB and Morrowind Add on mods. They were unique, and balanced, but this was different. I saw that from the first screenshot of Werewolves I saw. Fun: The first hours of the mod were boring, but rose up when I finally transformed into a werewolf. I killed 70% of Seyda Neen's people in several blows. I never felt that great since....ever. Purging Every night, drinking in the day, and repeat every day. Overall, this mod is great. It's all well-made, dodging the Delays and bugs. I think the long wait was, on the whole, worth all the doodling in my agenda.

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