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Mod Requirements:

• Tribunal Expansion Required
• A character of level 15 or more (the mod is not activated until your character is level 15+)

Episode 1 Features:

• Werewolves almost all over Vvardenfell, appearing at night. You can start to fear if you hear their howling, because it means they're not far...
• Various types of werewolves, all powerful foes
• You can be cursed with Lycanthropy by fighting a Werewolf and if you stay alive long enough
• Lycanthropy is a special curse, can't be cured by any classical way. It's no disease. It requires an unknown special cure which will be only available by quest in episode 2.
• Un-cured vampires are immune to lycanthropy
• Since version 1.4, all races can get lycanthropy (even moogles)
• When you've got lycanthropy, you have to change to werewolf form at night (8pm to 6am) each night when at least one of the moons (Masser and Secunda) is full. Both moon have effect on werewolves. Werewolves will be much stronger when both moons will be full. Changing in werewolf form only occurs at night and you go back to normal in the morning.
• Moon influence works indoor and outdoor, no need to be able to see them to feel their influence.
• You take a whole different form in werewolf form, removing all your clothes, pieces of armor and weapon and shield
• Ambient texts, sounds, effects to make you be afraid of the dark... again
• Werewolves are very strong, regenerate health and fatigue quickly at night.
• Werewolves have big weaknesses (up to you to discover which ones).
• Physical transformation with shape shifting and size change
• When in werewolf form, everyone hates/fears you. Guards attack werewolves on sight, so be careful in cities and villages at night...
• Moons effects are working this way:
    - Secunda and Masser not full: Human form
    - Secunda full, Masser not full: Lesser werewolf form (Omega)
    - Secunda not full, Masser full: Werewolf form
    - Secunda and Masser full: Higher Werewolf form (Alpha)
• Werewolf faction higher ranks gain special powers
• Female meshes
• You can't use weapons/armors/shield in werewolf form.
• You may encounter Hunters who will be after you someday if you get lycanthropy
• Lore books revealing secrets about werewolves and other story elements to be found in Episode 2
• Compatible with Bloodmoon
• Compatible with The Illuminated Order mod.

Episode 2 Features:

• New werewolf meshes
• NPC werewolves in Vvardenfell population that change when a moon's full
• More ambience texts, sounds, effects to make you be even more afraid of the dark
• Amateur hunters
• Quests, more books, lore, dialogs, special NPCs
• Art pack including new splash screens
• Special artifacts for/against werewolves
• Clans with their own powers and capacities and their intrigues
• Places, dungeons
• Great Hunters from Arcanthias' Wanted mod
• Other surprises

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