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Episode 1


  Data File (33.5MB)
  ESP File (329KB)


  Advanced Guards by Puma ()
  Animal Realism ()
  Atmospheric Sound Effects v3.x (2MB)
  Blood & Gore (1.77MB)
  Dwemer clock enhanced 1.2 (50KB)
  Light Based Sneaking (110KB)
  Light Based Sneaking Add-on (180KB)
  Wakim's improvements 9 with No-glo (54KB)

Mods to Avoid

  Any mod with Force equipped objects (Lich transform, etc.)
  Any mod with werewolves
  CapRemover by Mephisto
  DarkPowers by T. Mactavish
  Herbalism by Balor (CPU intensive)
  Real Jail time mod: dont go to jail if you're cursed!

Version History

1.50 (2003-07-01)

  • Bloodmoon compatible. You can only be one kind of werewolf at a time, BM's one or WW mod's one.
  • Compatible with The Illuminated Order
  • Balanced some stat bonus depending on ww form

1.41 (2003-06-02)

  • Adding some female meshes for transformed werewolves
  • Minor changes to the way fan based races are handled for lycanthropy
  • Various minor script modifications

1.40 (2003-06-01)

  • Fixed the transforming back loop
  • Fixed the crash to desktop when transforming with armor on

1.33b (2003-05-27)

  • Cured vampires can get cursed now
  • Changed a bit the way forms are linked to moons

1.32 (2003-05-26)

  • Missing mesh reference corrected plus small script modifications

1.31 (2003-05-26)

  • Corrected small bugs and an invisible but nasty one too

1.30 (2003-05-26)

  • First release

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