Episode I : The Forgotten Fear

by the McAsmod team

Version 1.61


Morrowind "Tribunal" expansion REQUIRED

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1 - Introduction

1.1 - Description

1.2 - Forewords

2 - Mod features

3 - Gameplay

3.1 - Some gameplay details

3.2 - Werewolves special capacities

3.3 - Known bugs

3.4 - Recommendations

4 - Options

4.1 - Console commands

4.2 - Mods recommended / Not recommended / To avoid

4.3 - Recommended changes to the Morrowind.ini file

5 - Versions history

6 - Credits


1 - Introduction


1.1 - Description


Vvardenfell's nights had always been the same. Not always as calm as one may want, unpleasant encounters sometimes, even dangerous ones, but people knew what to expect from them. No surprise.

But one night, a howling has been heard. Just one. And then the nightmare started.... Death... Blood... People disappearing... And who are those strange folks roaming around? What's going on?

Morrowind had a particularity compared to all other Tamriel's provinces: no one has ever seen a werewolf there. Ever.

Well, till now.


1.2 - Forewords


Forewords from StickMan, one of our fellows on the Werewolves boards. Here are his conclusions about the mod after some hours of playing :

"I was very impressed with this MOD. I've seen a lot of MODs where you go in, test it out, play with it, and then never use it again except maybe to look at the code.
It took me from 2am-8:30am for me to realize exactly how this MOD is meant to be played. Keep in mind this conclusion came from playing a werewolf MOD from 2am to 8:30am...

What I saw: The mod is meant to be played as an addition to the life of your Neravine character. It's a fairly rare event that you turn into a werewolf (about 2-3 nights every 20-25 days ... or something) so you can go about your daily business--just don't forget about your little dark secret.

Also, I was very pleased with the balancing. I doubt I could have come up with something so clever. In an effort to play as a werewolf as much as possible I went into a coma for two weeks to get to the full moon. Once the night was up and I changed back, I immedietly slept until nightfall once more to play as a werewolf. ... What? My stats SUCK all the sudden! What a beautiful balance idea! :D There seems to be a real-time(ish) timer that drains your stats and makes it basically worthless to sleep until your next werewolf episode. IE: You have to play the game as both the werewolf and human sides of your character. You're given incentive.

[...] This is a really really good mod! I feel like I can leave this thing ON all the time and it'll ADD to the gameplay instead of just being a little fun thing to play with! It's beautiful! It's amazing! I've never seen anything like it! This is a REAL MOD. I like it. I am deeply impressed. I hope I got my point across. This is really really good. "



2 - Mod features

Warning : the mod features are activated ONLY if your character is level 15 or more !



3 - Gameplay


3.1 - Some gameplay details :

3.2 - Werewolves special capacities


3.3 - Known bugs :

3.4 - Recommendations


4 - Options


4.1 - Console commands

Those are used to fine tune the mod to your tastes. To use them, open the console window in game (top left key) and enter one of the following (below are listed the default values):

set wwA_FleeDist to 3500
; NPC going further than this distance will stop fleeing

set wwA_KnownWW to 0
; 0 = not known ; 1 = known

set wwA_KnownWWdaysMax to 60
; max number of days you can be known as a ww

set wwA_BloodLust to 1
; 0 = disable bloodlust
; 2 = lethal bloodlust

set wwA_BloodLustCounter to 0
; set it to -1 to stop current bloodlust

set wwA_BloodLustInterval to 15
; the smaller the interval, the quicker you'll need MORE victims

set wwA_NoDelete to 1
; if set to 1, *might* make a fps gain. Might make the game less stable too though...

set wwA_UseBounty to 1
; set it to 0 to avoid guards keeping attacking you even when no more in ww form
; would make the system less "aware" of your form too, so up to you to modify it or not

set wwA_DisableInventory to 1
; set it to 0 to allow viewing inventory screen (and map) in ww form

set wwA_ShowWitness to 1
; set it to 0 to remove the shield effect attached to witnesses

set wwA_Howling to 1
; set it to 0 to disable the howling-on-command feature

set wwA_Immune to 0
; set it to 1 to make yopur character immune to (our mod's) lycanthropy. This is *not* needed to play Bloodmoon quests.


4.2 - Other mods recommendations:

HIGHLY recommended mods to use WITH the ww mod, because their features will add extra coolness :


4.3 - Recommended changes to make to the Morrowind.ini file.

Those changes will go perfectly with vanhikes' mods, and will make dark become even darker at night.







[Weather Clear]
Ambient Night Color=016,016,021

[Weather Cloudy]
Ambient Night Color=016,014,027

[Weather Foggy]
Ambient Night Color=014,016,019

[Weather Overcast]
Ambient Night Color=028,030,033

[Weather Rain]
Ambient Night Color=025,027,033

[Weather Thunderstorm]
Ambient Night Color=025,025,027

[Weather Ashstorm]
Ambient Night Color=018,021,025

[Weather Blight]
Ambient Night Color=028,029,031



5 - Versions history :


1.30 (05/26/03)

1.31 (05/26/03)

1.32 (05/26/03)

1.33 (05/27/03)

1.4 (06/01/03)

1.41 (06/02/03)

1.50 (07/01/03)

1.60 (05/11/04)

1.61 (05/20/04)


6 - Credits :


The members of the McAsmod team won't be the same for every mod, but for this one, here are the credits. The Werewolves mod will be thanks to the hard work of the following persons (no order) :


Scripts / spells :

Script debugging/tweaking

Models / Textures :

Tweaking and balancing :


Scripts / spells :

Models / Textures :

Drawings / Art :

Sound & Music :

Dialogs / Quests :

Alpha Testing, suggestions, ideas :

Special thanks to :

Contact: thelys@free.fr

More info about the mod and screenshots

on the "Werewolves" mod site: http://werewolves.mwsource.com